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Welcome to the Evidence-Based Review of moderate to severe Acquired Brain Injury (ERABI) Clinical Tool

Our mission is to improve outcomes and efficiencies of the rehabilitation system through research and guideline synthesis, education and knowledge translation initiatives to maximize the real-world application of rehabilitation research evidence.

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The ERABI Clinical Tool is meant to be a learning resource for health care professionals. It is a synthesis of the most current research, guidelines, and clinical algorithms pertaining to the rehabilitation of individuals with moderate to severe acquired brain injury to assist clinicians in providing evidence-based care.

Clinical judgement should always be used when deciding the best course of treatment for a patient.

About the Library

The ERABI Clinical Tool uses the research evidence base from the 13th edition of ERABI ( which includes research published up to and including 2019. Guidelines and algorithms are provided, as available. Content was last updated on October 1, 2020.

More About ERABI

The ERABI Clinical Tool aims to help clinicians find the necessary information to provide evidence-based medicine to individuals with moderate to severe ABI.

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